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thescrapbox's Journal

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Here you will find a myriad of pretty things -- from icons to profile layouts, and other miscellaneous graphics and works of art such as wallpapers and color bars.

All things are created by me and my own hand (or mouse, as the case may be) unless otherwise specified in the post. Any and all credits can be found in my resource post. If you see something of yours that I have used and is not in the resource post, please contact me and I will add you right away! =)

Please save and upload all images to your own host. If you do not have a host, there are many free image hosting websites available, such as imageshack, tinypic and photobucket.

I hope you enjoy all of my creations. Thank you for looking! :D

Resource ListTagsLayoutProfile* ※ Header
*profile coded by me, swirly part of the image by street of mercy.